Directories in signage boards refer to the panels or displays that provide information about the layout, locations, and directions within a specific area or facility. They are commonly found in places like shopping malls, airports, hospitals, office buildings, universities, and other large complexes. The main purpose of directories is to assist visitors and users in finding their way around a complex space by displaying a map, a list of destinations, and directional information.

Directories on signage boards typically include:

1. Maps: Visual representations of the area or facility, highlighting important landmarks, such as stores, offices, entrances, exits, restrooms, elevators, and more. These maps help visitors understand the layout and navigate to their desired destination.

2. Destination Lists: A list of destinations within the area, often categorized by floor or section. This list can include the names and locations of businesses, offices, departments, or services available within the complex.

3. Directions: Clear and concise instructions on how to reach specific destinations. This may involve using arrows, symbols, or textual descriptions to guide visitors from their current location to where they want to go.

4. Floor Levels: Indication of different floors or levels within the building or complex, along with the corresponding destinations available on each level.

5. Icons and Symbols: Visual symbols that represent different amenities or services, making it easier for visitors to identify what they’re looking for at a glance (e.g., food court, restrooms, parking, information desk).

6. Accessibility Information: Information about accessible entrances, elevators, ramps, and other facilities to cater to individuals with disabilities.

Directories in signage boards play a crucial role in enhancing the overall user experience by reducing confusion and helping people save time when trying to find their way around unfamiliar environments. They often contribute to a positive impression of the facility by showcasing its organization and ease of navigation.

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